Saturday, October 10, 2009

Stray dog

I feed him fish the other day, he love it!

This dog had been around for quite some time around my working area..Poor thing, I'm worried about his safety. He's an active and happy dog, it's just that people don't understand it. I'll buy him food whenever I had the chance of meeting him. He likes to follow me but given the fact that I'm working with children will cause fear to others, right? I just have to shoo him away..
In this place where I'm living, unlicensed dog will be sent to the pound to be shot, scary, but true. Let's hope for the best for this happy canine..



  1. Oh, what a cute dog...but so thin! I'm so glad you're feeding the poor guy.

  2. Why don't you just take him home and then find him a new home so that he doesn't end up dead? He'd be better off living tied up in your yard than living on the streets. Please, don't just leave him there. He is going to die.