Thursday, March 11, 2010


Mummy and her crochet

Fini and Reza

Siti - relaxing herself


Fini and Hiro Nakamura

These photos were taken last year during the Earth Hour 2009. We were in the dark for 1 hour and we really enjoyed ourselves. At least we contributed something to our beloved earth, which is not so healthy lately.. As you can see, my cats were enjoying themselves, even my mom was doing her crochet :) No excuses, just do it! And now Earth Hour 2010 is here again here in Malaysia and everywhere around the world..Oh, please, for those who missed the chances of doing so last year, please do so this coming 27th March. It only take an hour to do the good deed. we need to fight the climate change that is in a worrying stage to the people, animals and the environment as well. Come March 27 from 2030 - 2130 please switch off your non-essential lights to save the deteriorating earth...

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