Wednesday, September 22, 2010

This is inhumane!!

(New Straits Times) - BANTING: Nine pedigree dogs, belonging to the lawyer brothers from here, were put to sleep by Kuala Langat District Council officers yesterday.

Six Rottweilers, two Dalmations and a bulldog were put down by lethal tranquilisers at the poultry farm in Sungai Gadung, believed to the scene of a quadruple murder.

The officers were seen entering the farm at 8.15am and left about two hours later with the carcasses in a pick-up lorry.

According to sources, since the murders were uncovered, the hungry dogs which were left unattended became aggressive and attacked other animals in the farm, such as goats, ducks and chickens.

The source said police had told the district council to catch the dogs but the team despatched to the area decided to put the dogs down as they were aggressive.

The carcasses were taken to the Sungai Sedu landfill in Telok Datuk, near here, to be buried.


Selangor Perhilitan 'Rescue' Birds From Murder Location

BANTING, Sept 20 (Bernama) -- The Selangor Wildlife and National Parks Department (Perhilitan) on Monday 'rescued' four peacocks, three Spotted Doves, three Indian Mynah birds and an Oriental Magpie Robin from a farm owned by the main suspect in the murder of cosmetics queen Datuk Sosilawati Lawiya and three others.

The farm is located near Ladang Gadong in Tanjung Sepat here.

Four Perhilitan officers led by Ahmad Sahrizan Mohd Nawawi took possession of the birds in an hour-long operation which began at 3.50pm.

Ahmad Sahrizan believed that the birds were under-fed as the area was monitored by the police to facilitate investigations (into the murders).

He said the purpose of their visit to the farm was to look after the welfare of the wildlife.

"These animals are not protected species but the department cares about the welfare of our wildlife," he said, adding that they became aware of the existence of the birds through news reports.

He said the birds would be placed at the Perhilitan office in Section 8, Shah Alam until a court order was obtained for further action.


These 2 articles were taken from Malaysia media about the same murder case.

Ok, the dogs were killed because they were hungry?!! That's the reason why.. That's it, you got hungry, we kill you, let us end your hunger.. How could they!! This is totally inhumane!! Like there's no other way to do it? They are hungry because they were not fed, so it's the dogs' fault? Come on!!

And the birds were under fed so their welfare need to be taken care of.. This is totally unfair!! It makes me cry every time I see those murdered dogs.. They don't deserve to die!! This is totally inhumane!!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Straight Out Of Camera Sunday

A very Good Sunday Morning!! Rise and shine everyone!! Well, just got up from sleep, it's Sunday, so what else but to snap some morning photos in the garden? :) Enjoy your Sunday!!

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Happy Weekend!!!

Thank God it's weekend!! Working life had been so stressful in the past few weeks! I'm looking forward to weekend to arrive and it's finally here!! Thank God it's weekend!! :)

The weather is sunny and windy and I'm enjoying myself in the garden. Everyday I'm off to work at 8 am and arrived home at 7 pm, I practically live like a robot!! Simple thing like looking at the flowers makes my life happier :) These are rose and morning glory flower in my garden and it blooms beautifully!

Happy Weekend!!

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Friday, May 7, 2010


Hibiscus, or locally known as “bunga raya” is Malaysia’s national flower (the one with the 5 red petals). This pretty tropical plant is planted everywhere here in my country. We can see hibiscus in almost every household. It’s very easy to plant hibiscus in our tropical climate and the varieties of hibiscus are endless. What we always did was exchanging different type of hibiscus among the neighbours so that we can enjoy the varieties :) My family and I went for a vacation last April to Kuching, Sarawak and to our surprise we managed to visit a garden at the museum.. We took a stroll and came to realize that it was a hibiscus garden!! Just when I thought my mother plant endless varieties of hibiscus in our garden, this garden is even better!! It has hibiscus of many kinds. Even the one that I never thought even exist!! I’m in awe with the garden, I really do..Beautiful landscape, unique flowers with vibrant colours, it’s a must visit place when you are in Kuching!
Hibiscus garden

2 flowers in one? Awesome!

Multi layered hibiscus
I never seen this in my life!

Cool pink!
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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy Sunday Everyone!!

Well, it's a beautiful day today!! Sunny and windy at the same time. It's a blessing after days of rain..Here is the first shot I took for the day. This is Shuhada, my niece. She just woke up and we bring her out in the yard to enjoy the sun :)

Have a great Sunday my friends!!

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Chilly Genting Highlands

My colleagues and I went to Genting Highlands for our weekend getaway and took a cable car to visit the majestic Chin Swee Temple.. The clouds are very thick but the sun shines bright. It was cold as well..We went to all interesting places there and suddenly the haze came sweeping by and it becoming so cold! Luckily we managed to cover the whole place and capture beautiful photos :)

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Scenic Sunday

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Straight out of Camera Sunday

I just found this blog that is very interesting indeed and decided to join along.. As over here in Melaka, Sunday just started. I decided to go out in the garden with my camera and look for something fresh. It was raining last night and it's a clear and bright Sunday today. This is what I got for my first entry in SOOC Sunday.

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