Sunday, April 11, 2010

Chilly Genting Highlands

My colleagues and I went to Genting Highlands for our weekend getaway and took a cable car to visit the majestic Chin Swee Temple.. The clouds are very thick but the sun shines bright. It was cold as well..We went to all interesting places there and suddenly the haze came sweeping by and it becoming so cold! Luckily we managed to cover the whole place and capture beautiful photos :)

f i n i

Scenic Sunday


  1. Seeing those clouds below our feet, it does look like heaven on earth, don't it? Yeah, you are right. We have posted photos from the same place, i.e. Chin Swee Temple today :)

  2. Wow! When I first saw the first photo, I thought the clouds were snow! You're really high up there. No wonder it's called the "highlands"! Looks like you had fun in spite of the chill in the air. Beautiful shot of the temple...the last one looks very mysterious.